About Us

The SoMad4x4 Off-Road Story

SoMad4x4 was formed in November 2013

After putting together a good group of people to wheel with on the weekends we decided that we needed our own off-road group.

Since 2013 we have maintained a small but great group that steadily rises each year. Every new member is welcomed like family because after all, that’s who we are, one big family! We hang out together and we wheel together and that’s what it’s all about for us!


Why SoMad4x4?

The name came about after the relentless (all in good fun) heckles on the trails. If you know what it’s like to get hung up on a rock, be winched off an obstacle or deal with a flat tire or broken parts you know exactly what it’s like to feel SO MAD! The rest was history!

In 2018 it was time to start taking it to the next level! In 2019 we are now a legitimate business offering off-road parts, advice and more! We want to help you get on the trails and stay on them by offering quality parts and direction. We are here to help you in any way we can! We will continue to expand our website with everything from new parts, advice, trail information, events and more! After all, we don’t just want your business; we want your trust and your friendship.

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Our Mission


To deliver a great website that’s easy to navigate to deliver the parts you want when you want them without hassle.  We also have Off-Road Central our blog to keep you up to date with interesting off-road news.


Our values


We believe in honesty and we do not believe in price gouging at all!  We have Jeeps and we wheel them hard and we understand parts and we understand you need them as cheap as possible.  Therefore we will never sell under MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing), ever!


Our solution


We work with the best data providers in the business to deliver accurate parts data and ordering.  We also work with vetted vendors to try and alleviate ordering mistakes.